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Motorcycle fuel economy benefits from the relatively small mass of the vehicle. This, of course, relates to how the motorcycle is used. One person on a small motorcycle travelling a small distance is generally very economical. However a large motorcycle generally has bad aerodynamics compared to a typical car, poor aerodynamics of exposed passengers and engines designed for goals other than fuel economy can work to reduce these benefits.
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  • Choppers: Highly customised motorcycles.
  • Cruisers: A range of small to large motorcycles designed for comfort and looks.
  • Electric motorcycles: Nearly silent, zero-emission electric motor-driven vehicles.
  • Mini bikes: Very small bikes designed to be simple run-around fun for both children and adults.
  • Mopeds: Small, light, inexpensive, efficient rides for getting around town.
  • Naked bikes : Naked bikes have a riding position midway between the forward position of a sports bike and the reclined position of a cruiser.
  • Scooters: Motorbikes with a step-through frame, generally smaller wheels than those of a traditional motorcycle and an engine mounted near the rear wheel on the swingarm.
  • Sport bikes: Fast, light, sleek motorcycles designed to give maximum performance for racing or spirited road riding while conforming to FIM rules.
  • Touring motorcycles: Touring bikes are designed for rider and passenger comfort, luggage carrying capacity, and reliability.
  • Sport touring motorcycles: Sport-tourers combine attributes of a sport bike and a touring motorcycle.
  • Underbones: Small motorcycle which is a crossover between a scooter and a true motorcycle with step-through frame.


  • Motocross bikes: Sometimes simply called dirt bikes when not being raced, they can also be used for informal off-road recreation, or mudding.
  • Supermotos: These are known as Supermotards, and riders of these machines compete in specially organised rallies and races.
  • Trials motorcycles: Motorcycles made as light as possible, with no seat (as they are designed to be ridden standing up).


  • Dual Sports: Road-legal machines offering a compromise in highway and off-road performance, durability and comfort.
  • Enduros: Road-legal versions of a motocross machine.
  • Adventure Touring: adventure tourers are motorcycles with lighter weight than just about any other bike considered a tourer, but heavier than any traditional dual-sport.


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