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The most prominent of the plastic or fibreglass shells covering parts of the motorcycle is the "fairing". In practice, this may blend almost seamlessly with engine panels or wheel covers/mudguards (which in some cases will be painted or plated metal). Modern fairings, mostly designed specifically for each motorcycle and fitted as original equipment by the manufacturer, have eliminated the aerodynamic and structural failings of early add-on fairings.

Also called windshields or screens, windscreens can be built into a fairing or be attached to an otherwise unfaired bike. They are usually made from transparent high-impact acrylic plastic. They may be shaped specifically to direct air flow over or around the head of the rider even if they are much shorter than the seated rider. The latest variation, introduced on the 1986 BMW K100LT, is electrically controlled height adjustment.

Saddlebags or panniers
Saddlebags or panniers mount on either side of the rear of the motorcycle roughly beside (but not interfering with) the pillion passenger. "Hard" panniers commonly come in an injection moulded plastic such as ABS, and "soft" panniers come in some form of textile (eg Cordura) or leather. Panniers are nearly always detachable and often lockable, both of their mountings and their closure.

Heated hand grips / seats
Since motorcycles lack climate control or proper protection from the wind, some manufacturers offer heated seats or hand grips to relieve the discomfort of low temperatures experienced during night riding or the colder months.

Luggage rack
A common addition to many bikes is an attachment onto which bags or other luggage can be fastened. This removes the need for rider backpacks and is generally a more secure and a safer way to add carrying capacity to a motorcycle.

Trailer hitch
A trailer hitch or tow hitch is a device mounted on a motorcycle that enables it to tow a motorcycle trailer. Legislation will often restrict them to carrying baggage but not passengers.

Storage compartments are largely restricted to scooters, they may be underneath the seat, between the knees or in front of the steering head. A motorcycle trunk will normally be mounted behind the seat where it is known as a top box.

Crash bar
Crash bars are less popular than they used to be - vulnerable engines and fairings now sometimes being protected by OE fitted snubs instead. A common arrangement is a loop of chrome-plated steel tube mounted each side of a motorcycle's lower frame.