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Norway Motorbike Tours

MCI Tours - MCI Tours offers Escorted Tours - Self Guided Tours - Fly / Ride Tours - Motorcycling Holidays in Norway - Europe & Worldwide. Benefit from our experience –sixteen years touring in Europe and the only fully bonded UK-based motorcycle tour operator.
Motorbike Europe - For a motorcyclist, Norway is a must for your adventures. Fantastic roads and stunning nature co-exist in symbiosis. Visit Norway with your motorcycle in the summer months, and experience something really unique. - Tour Outline We depart on our Scandinavian tour from the town of Rygge, just 50km south of Oslo. Over the following four days as we head north and east across Sweden and Finland, we traverse some very beautiful and sparsely populated landscape crossing the Arctic Circle and finally arriving at the remote town of Kirkenes near the Russian border. - See more at: