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Philippines Motorbike Clubs

Bagwis Motorcycle Club - Manila welcome to bagwis manila, seat and relax while watching. enjoy viewing your pictures during our rides
Batangas Tire Burner- Iis a breed of motorcycling community was born on April 24, 2003 with its experienced & skilled riders who have the guts to make new changes in motorcycling in Batangas Province, the Batangas Tire Burners was a fruit of a suppresing handful numbers of motorcyclist who does not know the true meaning of road & bike brotherhood, now the Batangas Tire Burners had been growing with numbers of members coming from different part of the Province. We had adopted motorcycling global changes & the true road & bike brotherhood that made us solid as a rock, promoting & sharing motorcycle skills & ride experiences among other motorcycling community & individuals.
Bohol Riders - We are a funny club who is doing touring, our just sitting around and have a talk about our bikes. Are you alone and don't like to make a tour by your own, or ýou just want to meet new friends, then you are on the right page. You find more Information in our site.
Booze Fighters Motorcycle Club - The Boozefighters have never been an outlaw club. We believe in respecting the rights of all members of the community and peaceful co-existence with all other Motorcycle Clubs. We believe in Freedom of Choice and Freedom of the Road
Cavite Fox Riders Club Inc - CFRCI was organized and formed to build better bonding & companionship to motor bikers and make them free from the unlawful doings most specially using prohibited drugs and lead them to a better way of living.
Ducati Club - DUC was formed by a group of friends who share the same admiration in the ladder frame, sound and elegance of a Ducati motorbike. The guys clicked as a group because aside from enjoying the straights and the twisties, they all love the sheer enjoyment of being with fellow Ducatisti sharing their fun stories and adventures about their bikes and riding experiences. These guys believe their Ducati bike was their best investment!
Executive Rider Club - The Club completed another very successful run this April 8, 2004. Riding through the cities of Batangas and Tagaytay, the group visited 7 churches and was able to complete the Station of the Cross before noon.
Force - A Motorcycle Club - we promise to give you more knowledge about the group and try our best to answer all your questions and help you in all your Motorcycle Problems.
Ka Mostro PI Riding Club - Our site is home to a special group of riders who just love to ride, and explore the countless exciting destinations in the country we call home, the Philippines.
Mad Dog Motorcycle Club - MDMC is a Bike Club with a diverse, interesting and no nonsense attitude to riding and to others. It takes much more than a tattoo and a Harley or big cruiser to become a Dog. Mad Dog Motorcycle Club members are acquired by invitation only. A Club for Harley Davidson and large bore cruisers, the group only accepts motorcyclists dedicated to free spirited riding and brotherhood.
MBC Maharlikans Bikers Club- The Club is named after our ancestors home, before the iberian colonialist took the land from rajah sulayman.
Motorcycle Philippine Federation- The Motorcycle Philippines Federation (MCPF) consists of the leading motorcycle organizations in the Philippines, hundreds of motorcycle clubs and Associations.
Motorcycle Davao - All sharing an intense passion for riding, the Davao Agila Riders have traversed the whole length, and explored the nooks and crannies of Philippines on motorcycles. Like the Philippine Eagle from whom the club gets its name, the members soar and glide on the highways, proudly bringing the city’s name wherever they go.
Philippine Suzuki Riders Club - The Club is located in Pasig City, Manila Philippines
PMRC Philippines MSX Riders Club
The Cycluns Motorcycling Club
The Freedom Riders Motorcycle Club -Membership is made up of riders who are prepared to spend time and occasionally their own money for the benefit of the motorcycle community as a whole. There is currently no restriction on Freedom Riders MC members also being members of other MC clubs.
The Motorcycle Advocates of the Philippines -For nearly three years the Freedom Riders MC spearheaded the fight for motorcyclists rights in the Philippines. FRMC organized rallies and rides which were well supported by the motorcycle community to raise awareness among riders and the general public as well as funds for legal costs.
UBP Underbones Philippines
Explorers Philippines Motorcycle Club - Our members and officers are mainly composed of motorcycle enthusiasts and new riders who, through this organization, would want to contribute not only to the promotion of the motorcycle community but, also, to the betterment of the society as a whole. We started out with Nine (9) core members and as of date, we have sixty(60) plus registered members in NCR alone! Now more than ever, a lot of owners and prospective buyers alike are beginning to understand what the z200 is, from performance to design.
ZipScootClub & Power RI PSF Scooter Club Pangasinan